Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Wanderer Of The Dunes Guide

disney dreamlight valleyAs you progress and venture deep into the Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will meet a significant character guided by Jafar. In the Glittering Dunes, you will find Gaston in the desert. However, his condition is dire as he is trapped, starving and dehydrated. If you are wondering how to fulfill and what this questline will let you fetch then read it to the end.

The Wanderer Of The Dunes Quest Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

After meeting Gaston, you will be tasked to find three of these specific items:

  • Green Spiky-Leafed Plant?
  • Flexing Spider-like Thing?
  • Sweet Brown Raisin Things?

All these items can be found in the Glittering Dunes where Gaston was found. Close to Gaston, you will notice a fishing area in the quicksand. Fish out the sparkling or shining puddle to get a Flexing Spider-like Thing.

Next, the Green Spiky-Leafed plant is as described, you will need to collect the leafy plant. Finally, the Sweet Brown Raisin Things are found on the tree. Collect and get it back to Gaston to complete the quest and follow him back to his encampment.

Clues For The Vault Key

After talking to Gaston, you will be tasked to find the clues to the vault key’s whereabouts. There are a total of 3 clues found in the same area where the camp of Gaston is. The final clue might be troublesome as it will be located inside the Storage Chest.

Once you have all the clues that comprise:

  • Paint Palettefound on top of a wooden crate.
  • Homemade Gluefound inside Storage chest.
  • Coconut Husksfound near barrels.
Find The Vault Key

Follow Gaston again who will lead you to The Wastes. Search for the Vault Key which will be inside the fishing spot in quicksand. Once you have fished out Lefou, talk to Gaston and he will lead you to another area i.e. The Planes.

Desert Scarab Piece

In The Planes, take out your Hourglass and equip it. Use it to direct you to where the Scarab piece is located in the desert. This will let you obtain the final piece of the lengthy quest line. Now all you need to do is talk to Jafar and Gaston in succession to complete the quest “The Wanderer of the Dunes“.

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