Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Secrets Of The Eternity Isle Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, the new DLC content of “A Rift in Time” introduces whole new biomes and areas where you can meet more iconic Disney characters. For instance, you will meet Jafar who will guide you to the Eternity Isle! Completing the quest “The Port of Many Worlds” will start a new quest i.e. “The Secrets of the Eternity Isle” by Jafar. So, here’s the complete walkthrough of the questline.

The Secrets Of The Eternity Isle Quest Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have access to the Eternity Isle!, you will be able to talk to Jafar with the help of Hologram Station. This quest completion or activation requires you to purchase “A Rift in Time” DLC. Therefore, let’s explore the new area and biomes.

Your first task will be to clear away the Splinters of Fate that has been grown in the areas. Splinters of Fate are the overgrown crystals in the area. A hologram station will be placed near the Ancient Gate which will be covered with these Splinters of Fate. Clear it and Interact with it to clear two sections of quests in a quick attempt.

Next, you will be required to find the pieces of the Ancient Sphere as you explore Ancient’s Landing. To get both pieces of the Ancient Sphere, you will need to dig it out from the ground. To notify you, there will be a glowing sparkle on the ground. The Docks might not be huge to search, so you will get it exceptionally fast.

Close to the Ancient Gate, there would be a Crafting Station where you can craft an Ancient Sphere. Finally place the Ancient Sphere and open the Ancient Gate which will conclude “The Secrets Of Eternity Isle” Questline. Though there are still more quests where you need to enter the Ancient Gate and venture deep into the Eternity Isle but it is all straightforward.

After a small introductory cutscene of the biomes, interact with the Hologram station to talk to the Jafar and complete the quest. For more informative guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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