Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, “The Flying Metal Nuisance” quest you need to find an NPC “Eve” whom Jafar refers to as a flying metal nuisance. To reach Eve you need to upgrade your pickaxe from Jafar. If you have reached this quest, you must have already upgraded it. Below you will find a brief walkthrough on where to find the robot fish and complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest Guide

On the left side of “The Docks” area, you will find a small island connected by a bridge. Cross the bridge and break the copper deposit to find Eve. After interacting with Eve, talk to Jafar in one of the hologram stations.

Then go inside Eve’s house and clean the piles of junk to find a clue. The clue will be a memory that you need to tell Jafar and find the hidden area. In the hidden area, you will find two items robot hat and a robot costume. Use your wardrobe to change your outfit into the robot costume and interact with Eve.

Eve will give you the Best Fish Forever recipe that you need to investigate from your inventory and cook it. Before you can cook the best fish forever recipe you need to fix the Goofy stall. You need to find the broken half Goofy stall sign which will be in The Docks area on the right side of the Goofy broken stall.

After finding the stall, bring it back to Goofy to which he will give you another task of finding 25x copper and 12x plastic scarp. You will find the copper by breaking the copper rocks and plastic scraps by fishing in the water with no ripple. Hand over the materials to Goofy and interact with Scrooge McDuck’s sign beside Goofy stall to unlock it.

Once the stall is unlocked you need to gather resources to cook the best fish recipe. The resources required are:

  • Robot Fish – Found by fishing in the red ripples.
  • Cumin – White flowers found around the area.
  • Celery – Seeds obtained by fixing Goofy stall, can also be bought from the stall for 20 gold.
  • Sea Snail – Found by fishing in white ripples.

After finding the four items, use the cooking station to cook the best fish recipe and give it to Eve. Then collect the hourglass located behind Eve on the ground to complete the quest.

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