Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Ancient Door Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, we are given new equipment and gears to unravel a mystery that surrounds Eternity Isle. Once you have completed The Flying Metal Nuisance and got access to the Royal Hourglass, your progressions, and future quests will depend on its usage entirely. So, let’s dive into the Story Quest and find all the Sun Core Pieces to unlock the Ancient Door ahead.

The Ancient Door Quest Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Ancient Door” is a Story Quest given to you by Rapunzel where you need to uncover a mystery in Eternity Isle. The first set of tasks requires you to clear all the Gray Floating Rocks i.e. found next to her with the help of Hourglass. Once you have cleared all 5 Gray Floating Rocks as instructed, you have learned how to remove the Gray Floating Rocks.

Gather Sun Core Pieces

Now, as you have learned how to break the Gray Floating Rocks, there are multiple of these ominous rocks found in other areas in Ancient’s Landing. Specifically at this moment, you will have a few areas unlocked. Therefore, check the areas such as The Docks, The Courtyard, and The Grassland. Sun Core Pieces are randomly dropped from clearing the Gray Floating Rocks, so move around and clear all the ground.

Rebuild The Sun Core

This is straightforward as you need a Crafting Station to piece it all together and craft the Sun Core.

Unlock The Ancient Door

Possessing the Sun Core, you can now unlock the Ancient Door where you met Rapunzel and cleared the Gray Floating Rocks with the help of the hourglass. Interact with the Door and place the newly crafted Sun Core in the Ancient Door Keyhole.

After unlocking the Ancient Door, enter it with Rapunzel to start a new questline “The Sundial“. For more informative guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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