Disney Dreamlight Valley Sands In The Hourglass Find Plates

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Sands In the Hourglass is a quest of Jafar you will get after purchasing the new DLC. You must use the hourglass to clear the swirling sands in this quest. After completing the “The Flying Metal Nuisance” quest, you will obtain the hourglass as a tool. Below you will find a brief guide on how to find ancient statue fragments, plates, and farm mist.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sands In The Hourglass Find Plates

Equip the hourglass and press the “Space” button on the keyboard near the Swirling sands to disperse them and reach the secluded beach. There interact with Jafar’s hologram to progress further in the quest.

After reaching the beach, you will be given a task to find a few ancient items using the hourglass. The list of ancient items you need to locate are:

  • Ancient Statue Fragments 2x – Located in Secluded Beach
  • Ancient Plates 3x – Located in The Docks area.

To find the ancient items you need to use hourglass and press space. Upon doing so, you can find a marker on top of the head that changes color. The marker also shows you the direction in which the items can be found.

You need to follow the marker particles and use the hourglass on the exact location. The blue color marker indicates the item is a bit far away. Yellowish golden color indicates the item is nearby and reddish golden color indicates the item might be just beside you.

Keep searching for the ancient items using your hourglass and once you find all the required materials head over to the secluded beach and talk to Jafar hologram. Then use the detailed statue repair instructions and learn how to use the Timebending table.

Interact with the table to combine both the ancient items to craft the statue’s arm and place the statue’s arm back in the socket. Then return to the bridge area to repair the bridge using the Mist. Mist can be obtained by using the hourglass and following the marker. Otherwise, you can complete the Mist duties such as mine 4 rock spots, harvest 3-eternity isle species, feed a monkey, and much more.

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