Disney Dreamlight Valley – Location Of Capybara & its favorite food

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, new Critters have been added obviously in each Biomes of Eternity Isle. To be clear, you will be required to purchase the DLC “A Rift in Time” to access the new area and contents. As the game offers various and high-quality playtime, the DLC is worth it in our opinion. As well as new quests and characters will be added that would require this expansion.

Considering that you have the DLC, let’s dive into the game and meet new variants of the critters all around the area. In this guide, we have explained where you can find all the color variants of the Capybara and what is its favorite food.

Where To Find Capybara And What Are Its Favorite Food In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

There are a total of 5 variants of Capybara i.e.

  1. Black and White Capybara at The Promenade.
  2. Blue Striped Capybara at The Grove.
  3. Classic Capybara at The Grassland.
  4. Gray Spotted Capybara at The Lagoon.
  5. Red and White Striped Capybara at The Lagoon.

Once you approach them they can be fed food. Their favorite food is Bamboo. Once you feed them watch how they love it and drop Dream Shards. Each day you can feed these critters, so it might be tiring but we all love to grind.

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