Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Find Pieces of Ancient Sphere

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, to reach the Eternity Isle area you have to buy the new DLC ” A Rift In Time”. After getting the DLC when you load the game, you will find a new cutscene. You will meet the new character added to the DLC “Jafar”.

Interact with Jafar and he will ask you to interact with Merlin to find the hidden port that will transport you to Eternity Isle. Below you will find a brief guide on how to complete the quest “Secret Of Eternity Isle” and the ancient sphere location.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Secret Of Eternity Isle How To Find Pieces of Ancient Sphere

After interacting with Merlin he will ask you to meet at the Dream Castle where he will open a big gate that will will lead you to the Stardust Port. Interact with Merlin to find out how to reach the Eternity Isle. Once you are in Eternity Isle, interact with Jafar and progress through the quest to find a task where you need to locate 2x Ancient Sphere in the Ancient Landing.

You will find the ancient sphere by digging into the ground with sparkling light. The first ancient sphere will be located near a large tree in front of the ancient gate. In front of the ancient gate, you will find two trees, dig the ground on the left side of the tree to find the half of sphere. The second sphere is located on the left side of Scrooge McDuck’s store in “The Docks” area.

After finding both the Ancient sphere parts you need to craft the ancient sphere at a crafting station. Place the ancient sphere on the pedestal to the left of the ancient door to open the ancient gate. Keep progressing through the ancient gate to find Jafar at the hologram station near the broken bridge of the courtyard area and interact with the hologram to complete the quest.

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