Disney Dreamlight Valley Find Hidden Area Shown In Memory

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley new update, you will find some new quests and NPC. One of the NPCs you will encounter is Jafar who will give you a quest to find a hidden area shown in the memory of Eve. You will find the memory inside Eve’s house during the quest. Below you will find a brief guide on the quest details and hidden area location.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find Hidden Area Shown In Eve’s Memory

Look for the hidden area shown in Eve’s memory is a task you have to complete while doing the Jaffar quest. While cleaning Eve’s house you will find a clue on the ground. Pick up the piece of paper to find a memory of Eve’s having food with a robot friend.

After that, you need to find one of the Jafar Hologram stations and interact with him regarding the memory. The conversation goes like “I found a Memory of EVE and somebody dressed up as a robot. They were in some sort of hidden place and there was a strange meal.

You will get three options to choose from which are:

  • It was so cute!
  • EVE looked so happy!
  • If I could just recreate that memory…

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, Jafar will ask you to find the robot costume. While the character might not be sure where to look for the costume, you can visit the hidden area shown in the memory to find some clues.

The hidden area shown in the memory is located behind the waterfall that you can find between “The Docks” and the sand island where Eve is located. On the top side of the bridge that connects The docks and Eve’s area has a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is the hidden area that can be reached from The Docks area.

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