Steamworld Build – How To Mine Ironium Vein

Steamworld Build

In Steamworld Build, ironium is a resource that can be found in the first area of the mine Dusty Cavern. To access the mines you need to first repair the train station. After repairing the station, you will be able to repair the mineshaft to access the mines.

In the first mine area, you have three types of workers which are Miners, Prospectors, and mechanics. The miners dig the area to locate the resource’s veins and prospectors extract the resources from the veins and deliver it to the factory in the city. Ironium is used to produce Sheet Metal, Spare Parts, and Cattle Farm. Below you will find a brief guide on how to extract ironium.

Steamworld Build – How To Mine Ironium Vein

To extract Ironium first you need to find the Ironium Vein in the mines. You can find the veins by exploring the mine and digging up the dirt. Once you find the Ironium Vein your prospector will extract the ironium automatically.

To increase the number of prospectors you need to build more prospector quarters. You can also extract ironium by using the ironium extractor. To build an ironium extractor you will need to build a workshop. You need to place 9 workshop tiles first to build an extractor and for any additional extractor, you need to add 6 more tiles to the quarter. Each workshop tile costs 300x money, 1x tool, and 1x board.

Place the extractor near the Ironium vein and it will be extracted automatically that will be transported to the factory by the prospectors. In the second area of mine Marshy Ruins, you will find an item called conveyor belt inside the chest. These belts can be connected to the ironium extractor and mineshaft to directly transport resources to the city.

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