Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Get Huge Pet

Pet Simulator 99Players hang around and showcase their Huge Pets in Roblox Pet Simulator 99 who have huge damage points. They are big compared to the normal pets. If you have joined this game late, you might be questioning how did they obtained a Huge Pet or how to get a Huge Pet for yourself. Well, the answer might be quite simple, but the task is

How To Get A Huge Pet In Roblox Pet Simulator 99?

To unlock the Huge Pet, you will be required to at least have completed Rebirth Two! at the last Area. Rebirth also adds a buff on you that allows your Pet to deal 150% damage. Now, you will be required to once again reach Area 50 to unlock your best egg.

Hatching your Best Egg will give you a chance to hatch and get a huge pet. The Huge Pets are selected randomly for a limited time. The Huge Pets rotation can be checked on top of the Shop staircase where a billboard will be showcasing it to everyone in the area.

Select Auto Hatch On and keep on Hatching the Eggs. To stop the Auto Hatch, you will only need to move away from the egg. Use Potions and equip Enchants to increase your Luck while hatching the eggs. 

After reaching the final area, you can find a timer for the next update. According to the devs, you can increase your chances of obtaining a huge pet before an update arrives. You will have a chance of 3x chance to get a huge pet from eggs just 12 hours before the update, a 6x chance 3 hours before the update, and a 12x chance just 1 hour before the update.

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