Fortnite Location Of Snooty Steppes Vault & Peter Griffin Medallion

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In Fortnite, Snooty Steppes is an area you will find on the southwest side of the map. In this area, you will find one of the five underground bosses who is none other than one of the Family Guy main protagonists “Peter Griffin”. Peter will be wearing a gold suit that you can find in the battle pass bonus rewards. Below you will find a brief guide on the Snooty Steppes vault location.

Fortnite Snooty Steppes Vault Location & Peter Griffin Medallion

In the Snooty Steppes main building, you will find Peter and his legion of soldiers. To kill Peter you need to keep a distance from him, or else you will be shot down by his legendary shotgun. Once defeated Peter will be down holding his knee and dropping all his items.

You will find the Peter Griffin Medallion and the legendary shotgun that can shoot down opponents in 2 perfect shots. After getting the Medallion go inside the house and take the main stairs to the basement. There you will find the vault that can be opened after getting the medallion.

You can also reach the vault from the outside area. On the front side of the house, you will find two flights of stairs. After crossing the first one you will find an entrance to the basement and find the vault. Check the image above for the exact location.

Inside the vault, you will find weapon chest and rare chests that contains rare weapons, health, and armor regeneration items. You will also find the weapon mod workbench to customize your weapons magazine, scopes, and much more. Apart from there, there will be weapons showcased beside the workbench that you can obtain. These weapons are snipers, rifle, and SMG’s.

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