Fortnite Location Of Lavish Lair Vault & Oscar Medallion

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In Fortnite, Lavish Lair is an area on the north side of the map in the snowy region. In this area, you will find a vault that has been guarded by the area boss Oscar. The boss will be equipped with a legendary frenzy shotgun.

Stay at a distance and use a rifle to kill Oscar. The boss will be guarded by a legion of soldiers and turrets. Keep dodging their bullets and aim for the head to deal maximum damage. Once killed Oscar will drop the Medallion that can be used to unlock the vault and the legendary frenzy shotgun.

The shotgun will be fully modded and you won’t be able to mod that in the workbench. The mods attached to the shotgun are:

  • Red Eye Sight – 1.15x scoped view
  • Drum Mag – Increased magazine capacity
  • Vertical Foregrip – improve aim down sight, recoil, and spread.
  • Muzzle¬† Brake – Reduce recoil

With the medallion in your backpack, your shield will regenerate over time if you are not taking damage. Below you will find a brief guide on where to Lavish Lair vault and weapon mod workbench location.

Fortnite Location Of Lavish Lair Vault & Oscar Medallion

The vault can be accessed from outside the building. At the backside of the building, you will find a big glass room. Beneath the glass room, you will find an entrance to access the vault as shown in the image above.

Inside the vault, you will find the treasure and a rare chest. These chests contain rare and legendary drops. You will also find a weapon mod workbench and a weapon showcase to get weapons like sniper, SMG, and rifles. In the weapon mod workbench, you can install mods to your weapon by spending gold.

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