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Disney Dreamlight Valley just got its new update “The Pumpkin King Returns“. In this update, you will find the new character Jack Skellington. You will get a quest from Jack called “The Scientific Method”. To get this quest you need to reach friendship level 4 with this character. Below you will find a brief guide on how to complete the quest and find the right potion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Scientific Method Giant Night Thorn Location

The first mission of the quest is to visit Vitalys Mines. The Vitalys mine is located in the sunlit plateau. Just where the river starts in the Sunlit plateau, you will find the entrance to the mine. Inside the mine, you need to find Jack Skellington.

As you enter the mine, keep going forward and on the right side you will find Jack’s room. Interact with Jack again to get to the second part of the quest where you need to gather 5 different types of materials. These materials are:

After gathering these resources you need to craft an item called “Scientific Kit”. Go to the crafting bench and under the function item tab you will find this item. After crafting, bring it back to Jack and you will get the next task to gather some night shards.

The quest will automatically be completed if you already have them in your inventory. After this head to the Vitalys mines and give the night shards to Jack. Then you have to find and talk to Merlin who will give you the next task to find four potions.

You will find all four potions inside Merlin House, look for the sparkling effects, and interact with them. After finding the potions, you need to place the correct potion on the giant night thorn. The giant night thorn is located in the Vitalys mine.

Head inside and place the yellow potion “Day’s Leaf Potion” on the giant night thorn. After that, it will turn into a night thorn sprout that you need to pick up and give to Jack and complete the quest.

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