Disney Dreamlight Valley Something Comes A Knocking Quest Guide

disney dreamlight valleyThe Disney Dreamlight Valley new update has just gone live and a new map and multiplayer mode has been added in the Pumpkin King Returns Update. New items and questlines are enough to keep players busy on their feet. But what about another new resident of the Dreamlight Valley?

If you are questioning how to unlock and welcome Jack Skellington in the Dreamlight Valley, then the new item and questline have something to do with it. So, here’s how you can complete the quest “Something Comes A’Knocking” and find all Matryoshka Dolls.

How To Unlock Jack Skellington Something Comes A Knocking Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you find a mysterious object on the Plaza i.e. Matryoshka Doll, the questline “Something Comes A’Knocking” will be available. Completing this questline will allow you to unlock Jack Skellington to fully manifest into the Dreamlight Valley. To quickly unlock Jack Skellington follow these steps.

Note: Make sure you have Fairy Godmother and Olaf unlocked.

Talk to Merlin about your Matryoshka Doll findings, and he will point out that maybe someone new is trying to come through into the Valley. Next, he will ask you to survey the Forgotten Lands. Remember this part as you will be required to investigate the Forgotten Lands.

Before that you will need to find 3 more Matryoshka Dolls i.e. scattered around the Dreamlight Valley. All the 4 Matryoshka Dolls will be found as follows:

  • 2 Matryoshka Dolls in Plaza.
  • 1 Matryoshka Doll in Peaceful Meadow.
  • 1 Matryoshka Doll in Forest Of Valor / Glade of Trust.

Once you have collected all 4 Matryoshka Dolls, go to Forgotten Lands as directed by Merlin. There you will find a strange tree or Halloween Tree with whom you have to interact and give all 4 Matryoshka Dolls.

Note: Go to Creator Mode and Move Tree to fix this.

Once you have given all the Matryoshka Dolls, Jack Skellington will come to the Dreamlight Valley and the quest will be completed. For more informative guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, check on the descriptions below:

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