Disney Dreamlight Valley- How To Unlock Multiplayer

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have been promised that soon there will be an opportunity to let your friends visit your Dreamlight Valley and exchange pointers. Well, the time has come when you can give them a tour of your creation. However, there is a condition that needs to be fulfilled i.e. complete a specific quest. If you want to unlock the Multiplayer Mode and allow visitors on your Valley then read it to the end.

How To Unlock Multiplayer In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

First and foremost, you would be required to unlock Vanellope in order to unlock Multiplayer mode. Make sure that you have completed her Extreme Biome Makeover quest. The next mode of action would be to meet Vanellope in the Plaza when you would get a quest from her i.e. “Valley Visits“.

Talk to her and she will give you a Valley Visit Station which you can place anywhere on your map. Once you have placed the Station, you will be able to generate the code and allow your friends to visit your Valley. The maximum amount of friends you can invite in your Dreamlight Valley is 3.

  • Interact with the Valley Visit Station.
  • Choose to “Open up a connection for Valley Visits!
  • The code will be generated.
  • Allow your friends to join via the code through the “Multiplayer” option from the Main Menu.

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