Steamworld Build – How To Remove Creep

Steamworld Build

In Steamworld Build after unlocking the mines, you have to find 6 rocket parts. The underground mines are divided into three regions which are Dusty Caverns, Marshy Ruins, and Crackling Depths. In the second area of the mine Marshy Ruins, you will come across vines called creep that will keep spreading and won’t let you build anything on them.

To remove these creeps you will need an item modification and install them in the guard quarters. Below you will find which item mod you will need and how to find it.

Steamworld Build – How To Remove Creep

Creeps are the purple vines that you find in the second mine. After finding two rocket parts you need to fix the second mineshaft to go deeper. In the Marshy Ruins area, you will unlock a new robot called Guards. These robots will be there to protect your other mines, prospectors, and mechanics.

In the second mine area, you can find some enemy soil while digging. From these soils, enemy insects can come out and scare your miners. You need guards to deal with the insects and keep your miner safe. Don’t worry, your guard robots won’t disappear if defeated. They will simply break down and wait for the mechanic robot to repair them.

While insects can be defeated easily, to deal with the creep you will need a special mod called “Flamethrower”. These mods can be found inside the chest randomly. Dig around the area with the miners and open any chest you can find nearby.

Once found select the guard quarter and click on the edit option below the equipment menu. There you will find the item modification flamethrower that can burn creeps. Creeps keep spreading on the good tiles and making them inaccessible for building. The movement speed of other miners is also slowed down due to the creeps.

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