Steamworld Build- How To Get More Tools Or Farm Them?

Steamworld BuildIn Steamworld Build, we need to generate and manage resources for building and populating the town. Placement and planning is the key to the success and reason behind satisfied citizens. The Residential buildings where different types of citizens can reside need an upgrade. The upgrade will require some crafting and necessary materials including tools. So, a Tool is an important resource that we would surely want to farm or learn how to get it.

How To Get More Tools Or Farm Them In Steamworld Build?

At the early stage, when you have reached Milestone 4 and are tasked to upgrade the Residential building to reside Engineers; you are given free Tools. Similarly, whenever necessary the game provides basic tools to let you fly past the early stage. However, as you progress through the game, you are required to generate and manage the resources on your own accord.

Once you have unlocked the mine and learned the basics to mine Gold Nuggets and Scrap Veins i.e. requirements of Miners and Prospectors and also about the stability of the mine. Tools are unlocked either by mining or turning Scraps into the Tools. To process the Scraps, you will require a Toolmaker in the City.

Tools are used in almost all building blocks as raw materials. Therefore the demand for Tools will always be high, whether you are building a Paved Road or Polymerization Plant. Most of the building will require tools, so you will require a steady flow of Tools flowing out from your Toolmaker.

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