Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Get Pet Charms Fast

Pet Simulator 99In Roblox Pet Simulator 99, we all know the value of our pet. The pet damages are shown below their categories in your Pet Menu. There are ways in which you can boost up your pet’s damage to a whole new level. This method or process does not apply to all the pets and it is restricted to a few chosen ones. So, if you are intrigued about what and how to get pet charms that boost certain aspects of your pets then we have got it covered.

How To Get Pet Charms Fast In Roblox Pet Simulator 99

Most importantly, you can only equip charms on the Huge Pets and Titanic Pet as they have Charm slots in them. The Charms can be obtained from the Mini-Games or various Dungeons. However, the drop rate is very low so you might have a very rough day farming Pet Charms.

  • Agility Charm: Increases the Pet movement speed.
  • Bonus Charm: Pet is more likely to get a Bonus!
  • Strength Charm: Increases Pet Damage
  • Diamond Charm: Increases Diamond earning.
  • Coins Charm: Increases coin earning of the pet.
  • Glittering Charm: Pets spawn Diamonds Randomly
  • Royalty Charm: Pet deals more than 40% damage, earns 20% more diamonds, and moves faster.

Other than participating in Mini-Games, there are very sleek chances to obtain a Charm from the Spin Wheel inside the Castle. There are also chances to obtain Pet Charms from the Crystal Chest. The Gift Bags also has a chance to drop a Pet Charm. So, you can opt to use Treasure Hunter Potions while farming to get a random chance of dropping the Pet Charm. (Farm at the best location where you can instantly break the breakables)

It is not sure whether you can get Pet Charms from the Traveling Merchant or Advanced Merchant as we have not unlocked all the Tier or reached enough Respect. But you can keep an eye on the Merchants! It is recommended to Equip Lucky Block Enchant to have a chance of getting the Pet Charm.

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