Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Get “Is It Real” Achievement?

Pet Simulator 99Roblox Pet Simulator 99 is a farming game where players earn gold through mining. The gold coins will then be used to hatch new eggs to gather powerful allies to uplift your AFK farming. We all know that Gold coins are used to unlock new areas, hence it is necessary to have cute and strong pets in your possession. However, few anomalies tend to occur in this warm and relaxing environment.

You might have seen players roaming around with huge pets and what if I say that you can get a huge Pet for free? Well, if you hover around and access the Achievement Tab, there would be an achievement “Is It Real?“. Is this achievement not showing on your Achievement Tab? This means you have not completed the previous achievement “Falling Down“. If you want to grab a free big golden pet then read it to the end.

How To Get “Is It Real” Achievement For Free Big Pet In Roblox Pet Simulator 99

Once you have completed the “Falling Down” achievement and grabbed the diamond bag which was rewarded; you are given a chance to obtain or grab a free huge golden pet i.e. Exclusive Huge Angel Dog after the completion of “Is It Real?” To complete the achievement, we don’t have any real proof but players are speculating that it should be related to the Stairway To Heaven as it is a part of its achievement.

Therefore, it is required to climb up to the top. The words in the air are that there are a total of 200,000 steps or stairs that you need to climb. However, seeing how tiring and impossible it is to climb a huge number of spiral stairs at normal speed; and as there are no proofs or legit claims anywhere.

It can be concluded that either the feature has not been added yet or there is some other way around that which we do not know how to get the “Is It Real?” achievement. It is still not a bad thing to know that there is a number to which we can even attempt to reach but it is still difficult to achieve realistically.

Update: The staircase is RNG, therefore at any moment your staircase can end and lead you to a straight path where the Exclusive Huge Angel Dogs await. Don’t get your hopes up as the chances are still very low. We might see the RNG favoring us when the chances might increase later along the road.

Check on LcLc who tried this absurd challenge but he was quite unfortunate as the servers restarted. Do give support and love to the channel!

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