Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Get Diamonds Fast

Pet Simulator 99In Roblox Pet Simulator 99, Coins are not everything you need to be wary of in the game. Coins are capable of purchasing and hatching new eggs from the Shop, or even unlocking new areas; Diamonds have their use. To speak of, Diamonds have much more demand than coins as it is used in multiple scenarios. Whether we are talking about unlocking the Pet slots, purchasing items from the Merchants, or even allowing +1 egg to hatch simultaneously; Diamonds are more precious. Therefore if you are searching for a way to farm Diamonds quickly then this guide explains both F2P and P2W methods.

How To Get Diamonds Fast In Roblox Pet Simulator 99

The first and foremost method to earn free Diamonds is to easily Claim all the Diamonds that are awarded in respective areas such as Areas 3, and 32. The Diamonds are obtained from each mining area; the quantity and quality might differ depending on the area. Therefore, going AFK on areas where your Pets can clear out the whole field efficiently is recommended to spawn Diamond creates. (not applicable at lower area obviously)

Guaranteed Diamonds are obtained from the Daycare! After enrolling the powerful pets, you can earn a bunch of Diamonds from the bag. However, the pets enrolled cannot be used for a certain period. Another guaranteed method is to claim Free Rewards! section that rewards Free Gifts for playing.

There are chances that you can obtain Diamonds for completing the Mini-Games, however, it is not 100% guaranteed. You can opt to enter the Digsite where opening the chests might grant you Diamonds, still farming in higher zone areas is still better.

Once you have access to the Castle, you will be able to enter the Trading Plaza where Trading is possible. If you have mythical or legendary pets, Potions, and items; it can be listed to earn a bunch of Diamonds automatically. Higher quality pets can be obtained either via Mini-Games or by Fusing them. (This is an endgame farming method)


Those who own VIP Access for 400 Robux can access a VIP Only! area. In this area, only Diamonds spawn. So, you can enter the VIP Only! area to farm Diamonds and implement buffs such as Diamond Flag, Enchants, Potions, and Fruits to farm quickly. Diamonds can be farmed very quickly in the VIP Area, but it will cost you Robux.

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