Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Find Stairway To Heaven And Reach The Top

Pet Simulator 99Some secret paths or spaces will lead you out of the map in Roblox Pet Simulator 99 and let you enter into a separate dimension. The separate dimension we are talking about is none other than Stairway To Heaven. The infamous area where the steps do not seem to end and feel like it will take an eternity to climb up. If you are searching for all the entryways and areas to reach the Stairway To Heaven then here are some tips on how you can attempt to reach it to the end.

How To Find Stairway To Heaven And Reach The Top In Roblox Pet Simulator 99

To unlock or get the achievement “Falling Down“, it was intended to find a few small cracks on the map or trigger a certain condition to Fall down off the map and reach the Stairway To Heaven. There are various ways in which you can find the Stairway To Heaven. Reaching the Top is another story, so let’s keep it simple and find the Stairway To Heaven first.

Non-VIP Areas

At Area 18: Jungle Temple, there would be a Mini-Game Jungle Obby. Enter the mini-game and jump into the acid pool. You will instantly die and your body will sink before you restart at the starting line. At that moment, press the Home button or icon placed at the bottom of the screen to fall down from the map. This will get you the achievement and teleport you to the Stairway To Heaven.

At Area 22: Shipwreck, there would be a shortcut tunnel on the right side of the mining area. Two anchors can be seen on both sides of the tunnel as shown in the image. On the right side where the anchor is sunk, there would be a small gap where you can swim out and fall off from the map. This will teleport you to the Stairway To Heaven.

VIP Areas

From the spawn point, you can enter the VIP Only! area for 400 Robux only. Outside of the Diamond mining area, there would be two treasure chests placed opposite from each other on different ends. The one who is half sink into the water is where you need to go. Jump on the platform i.e. next to the small stream of water i.e. pouring down. Check the surroundings and on the wall, you will find a small gap from where you can fit and fall down easily to reach the Stairway To Heaven.

How To Reach The Top?

The stairs seem to be infinite but according to the players, there are 200,000 steps of stairs. You will be required to climb 200,000 steps of stairs to reach the top. For that, you can either use a 3rd party app TinyTask to record your input and let it guide your character to the top or choose to input it manually.

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