Fortnite Location Of Grand Glacier Vault & Montague Medallion

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In Fortnite, to get the Medallion in the Grand Glacier area you need to defeat the area boss Montague. The boss will be located in the building’s main hall. Killing Montague won’t be easy as he will be defended by the legion soldiers. Below you will find a brief guide on how to kill Montague and find the vault location.

How To Kill Montague To Get The Medallion

You need to keep a distance and dodge their bullets by moving or jumping around. Shoot for the head of Montague to deal maximum damage. The boss will have armor that you need to break to deal damage to his health bar.

Montague will regenerate his armor if you stop shooting him for too long. The best strategy will be to shoot while Montague is reloading his weapon. After killing him, he will drop his legendary gun with a few items and the medallion. Pick up the medallion to access the vault. The medallion also regenerates your shield over time but your location will be known to other players.

Even after the boss is dead the legion soldiers can still create a problem. You can either finish them off or hide and find your way towards the vault. You also need to look out for other players waiting for an opportunity to ambush and steal your medallion.

Fortnite Location Of Grand Glacier Vault

The vault is located in the main hall, if you are entering from the side with no stairs, the door to the vault will located on your left side. If you are entering the main hall and going downstairs, the door to the vault will be located on your right. You can check out the image above for the exact location.

Enter through the door and you will find a broken wall. Go through the wall to find the vault. Inside the vault, you will find rare chests and weapons. You will also find a weapon mod workbench inside where you can customize your weapon.

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