Fortnite Location Of Fencing Fields Vault & Nisha Medallion

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Fortnite just dropped its latest chapter 5 with a new map, bosses, areas, guns, and tons of features. In this new chapter, you will find new societies and biomes. Grandeur trail smasher SUV has been added to go off-roading and explore the island.

You can now customize your cars and weapons too. After customization, you can just enter the car inside the game or pick up the weapon and it will turn into your customized one.

Apart from these, you will find five new bosses in five different areas. Each of these bosses drops a medallion after being killed. These medallions unlock the secret vault that contains rare treasure and a weapon mod bench. Below you will find a brief guide on how to find the fending field vault and medallion location.

Fortnite Location Of Fencing Fields Vault & Nisha Medallion

The Fending Fields Vault is located in the basement of the big house. As marked in the image below, go towards the building to find a door leading to the basement where the vault is located. Once you pick up the medallion, the vault location will be marked on your screen. But to get the medallion you need to defeat the area boss Nisha. You can find the boss inside the house in the Fencing Fields location as marked in the image above.

Defeating the boss won’t be easy as Nisha will be guarded by her soldiers. Having the medallion in your backpack will regenerate your shield over time. There is a total of 5 medallions in the game, the more medallions you collect, the faster your shield will regenerate.

While you are trying to defeat the area boss, be careful of other players trying to snatch your reward. The boss will be guarded by Legion Tactical Grunt and Legion Heavy Elite who will keep on spawning till you defeat the boss Nisha. So after defeating 2-3 of the side soldiers, you can focus on dealing damage to the boss.

After getting Nisha Medallion, go to the basement area and open the vault to find rare treasures. There you will also find the mod workbench to customize your weapons. You will also find a weapon showcase that features a sniper, SMG, and AR rifle you can take.

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