Steamworld Build – Workshop Too Small Solution

Steamworld Build

In Steamworld Build to build the town you will have to find resources that are only available in the mines. After repairing the train station, you will be able to fix the mineshaft. In the mineshaft, you will find three types of workers which are miners, prospectors, and mechanics. Below you will find each worker’s role, how to place workshop tiles, extractors, and fix the workshop too small.

Steamworld Build Workshop Too Small Solution

Miner bots are used to dig around the mines, prospectors are used to extract the resources available in the mines, and mechanic bots are used to place the extractors and help downed steamboats due to mine collapse.

Apart from that you will have a workshop where the extractors are being built. In the mines, you will find scrap vien, ironium, and dirty water nodes or veins. To extract resources from the nodes you will need an extractor.

To get an extractor you need to first place 9 workshop tiles. Each workshop tile will cost 300x money, 1x tool, and 1x board. After placing 9 workshop tiles you will get an extractor and after that, you can easily place them and fix the workshop too small problem.

After placing 9 tiles, for additional extractor you need to place only 6 tiles. Each time you place new tiles and increase the workshop area, you will keep getting an extractor slot. As you can see in the image above I have 6 slots and can place 6 extractors.

If you are getting the message workspace too small, you need to click on the facility icon at the bottom of the screen and select workshop, then place them inside the mines. If you place more extractors than the available limit, you will get the message that the workshop is too small and need to place more workshop tiles connected.

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