Steamworld Build – How To Keep The Citizens Happy

Steamworld BuildSteamworld Build is a base building simulation game where we are allowed to build infrastructures and buildings i.e. to populate a barren land. Various types of resources are generated that can be used for constructing new buildings. Each work is supervised and completed by the citizens who live in their Residential houses. To increase the generation and efficiency, you will need to satisfy your workers. So, if you are wondering how to max out the satisfaction level and keep your citizens happy then read it to the end.

How To Keep Citizens Happy And Max Out Satisfaction Levels in Steamworld Build?

To check the Needs of your citizens, you can click and select the Residential building to bring up the information tab. In the Tab, you can check that there are Satisfaction levels, Needs, Operation Info, and what they can Generate.

To keep the citizens happy, we need to fulfill each citizen’s Residentials needs. The Needs of the citizens initially would be to get a road connection to a General Store, and Service Shop in the same vicinity.

The placement of the General Store and Service Shop concerning the Residential houses is important. The citizens live in their respective residences. Therefore, residential areas need to enjoy the benefit of the General Store and Service Shop when they are in range.

The range of the General Store and Service Shop is indicated and highlighted in blue color. The needs increase whenever you reach and complete a new Milestone i.e. you grow your population. Assign and fulfill the next set of tasks (needs) whenever a new milestone is achieved or a Residential area is upgraded. If you manage to keep your citizens happy, then the money earned via Taxes will be more. Therefore, it is necessary to max out the Satisfaction Level first.

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