Steamworld Build – How To Build A Cactus Farm

Steamworld Build

In the scorching heat of the town in Steamworld Build, the steamboats also need water to function. At the beginning of the game, you won’t have access to the purified water, to get water for your citizens you need to build a cactus farm. Cactus water can be extracted from the local cacti at the cactus farm. Below you will find how to place the cactus farm and get water.

Steamworld Build How To Build A Cactus Farm

If you haven’t unlocked the cactus farm yet, you need to build more worker residential buildings and fulfill citizen needs to increase the number of workers. To build a cactus farm, click on the worker’s icon at the bottom of the screen. There you will find a bucket structure with a thorn-like icon called Cactus Farm.

Note: At the bottom of the screen you will also find a decoration option that has a cactus icon. Do not confuse it with the cactus farm. Those cacti are only for decoration.

Place the cactus farm in your town and connect it with the train line. Just by placing the cactus farm, the water can’t be extracted. You need to place the cactus field from where the water will be extracted. To place a cactus field, you need to select the cactus farm.

On the bottom left side of the screen, you will find the option to place the cactus field. You can place up to three fields near the cactus farm. These fields should be adjacent to the cactus farm or cactus field. You can place them far away, they need to be placed together.

The production time of cactus water is 15 seconds if you have all three fields placed. The cactus farm needs 15 workers to function at maximum efficiency and requires 5 money for the upkeep. Once your cactus farm is up and running, you will be fulfilling the need for workers’ residential.

While workers resident requires cactus water, residents like engineer and aristobots require purified water. To get purified water, you need to first extract dirty water from the mines and then set up a water purifier plant in your town. To extract dirty water, you need to increase the workshop space in the mines and place the dirty water extractor on the water geysers.

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