Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince – how to change seasons

In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, there are four seasons Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. Each time a season changes there will be some changes in your environment as well. But the main reason for the season feature of the game is to have multiple different types of monsters. Below you will find a brief guide on how to change season quickly.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince – How To Change Seasons

Just like trees and plants that tend to grow in a particular season, certain monsters in the game can be found for a particular reason. You can find the current season on the top right side of the screen. On the left side of the mini-map, you can find a clock that has four icons.

The clock rotates anti-clockwise and the needle denotes the current season in the game. While the clock moves very slowly, there is a way to speed it up and skip the current season. There is an item called “Seasoning” that can be used to skip a particular season and go to the next one.

Currently, this item can be dropped while exploring dungeons and breaking pots. This item cannot be used in a place where the season doesn’t change. Each time you use the Seasoning the season will automatically change to the next one. So to change season twice or thrice, you need to use the item two or three times.

To use Seasoning, open the menu and go to items. In the items menu go to the treasure box and scroll icon. There you will find the item called Seasoning if you have already picked some.

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