Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince – DLC Item Location

Dragon Quest Monsters Deluxe Edition contains some extra NPC, outfits, and dungeons where you can find strong monsters. The edition includes:

  • The Mole Hole (Gothic Vestment outfit)
  • Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym (Cake-Maker’s Clobber outfit)
  • Treasure Trunks (Monstrous Mail outfit)
  • Burgundy Gothic Vestment
  • Warrior’s Ring x1
  • Beastie Bites x10

Below you will find how to access the DLC, get the outfit, and find the NPC.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince How To Get DLC Item Location

After progressing in the game when you complete a second tournament in the first zone or first tournament in the second zone, you can find the DLC items. These items will be located in the paddock area. If you can’t find the DLC items, go to the game title screen and scroll down to find an option for downloadable content.

Check for DLC in that option and log back into the game to find the DLC in the Paddock area. In this area, you will find a wooden hut, and in front of the hut, you will find Treasure Trunk DLC and Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym. Inside the hut, you will find The Mole Hole.

The treasure trunks are an event where you can open the treasure once every hour. The treasure contains a limited set of items. These items can be obtained once every hour.

The Coach Joe Dungeon Gym will feature strong monsters that will be difficult to defeat early in the game. Each dungeon level has a boss and you can get valuable rewards after defeating them. You can do this dungeon after completing the main story.

The Mole Hole is the best dungeon in the DLC that contains Synthesis and rare monsters. You can also scout these monsters and add them to your party. The online battle system can be a bit broken as players with access to this DLC will have better monsters in their party.

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