Steamworld Build – How To Get More Gold

Steamworld Build

Steamworld Build is a simulation-based building game where you need to save a dying city by rebuilding it. Use the underground mine’s resources to rebuild the city and keep everyone happy. Trade the extra resources for money or use a barter trade system to get resources that your town is lacking.

Gold is one of the rare resources you can find in the underground mines. These resources are used to build your underground quarters. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get gold and more miners.

Steamworld Build How To Get More Gold

To get gold in this game you need to find gold nugget resources in the mines. To extract the gold nugget you will need a miner worker. To increase the number of miners you will need miner quarters.

Inside the mine at the bottom of the screen, you can find an icon with a robot head called “Quarters”. Select that icon and choose the first option “Miner Quarter”. You need to lay down tiles and each tile will require some resources.

You can find the number of tiles required to get an additional miner by selecting the miner quarter. On the left side of the screen, under the quarter info. To lay a tile you will need 75x money, 1x gold nuggets, and 1x boards. Usually, you will have to place around 6 tiles to get an additional miner.

Apart from mine, you can buy gold from the item shop on the train or trade it with any other resource you have in abundance. First, you need to repair the train station. To repair the train station you will need 120x workers and 4x boards. Once repaired you will find an item shop by selecting the train station.

The items in the item shop refresh each time a new train arrives. Sometimes you will find gold in these item shops but those cost a lot of money. Most of the construction in your town requires money, so spend it wisely.

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