Steamworld Build – How To Get Money Fast

Steamworld Build

Steamworld Build is a simulation base building game where you need to build a town and mine. Using the resources from the mine build advanced buildings in your city. But all the construction in your town requires money. There is only one permanent way to earn money in this game. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get money fast and different ways to get money.

Steamworld Build How To Get Money Fast

The best way to get money fast is by keeping the robots’ satisfaction level 100%. You can find various types of robots in your town such as workers, engineers, and aristobots. Each type of resident in your town has different needs. You need to build a certain type of building to satisfy all the residents.

A worker resident will generate 25 money, an engineer resident will generate 50 money, and aristobots will generate 60 when fully satisfied. To satisfy the robots you will have to service types of buildings like general stores, service stations, saloons, and much more.

These service-type buildings require money to upkeep and have a certain radius. Beyond the radius, if you have any residential buildings, they won’t be able to make use of the service. So you need to optimize your residential and service-type buildings to maximize money output and minimize the input.

To increase your money you need to build more residential buildings to increase your town’s population. More robots will generate more money. Sometimes you will find tumbleweed in your town that can be interacted with. Clicking on them will reward you with some resources or money.

Inside the mine, you will find a lot of chests. Inside some of the chests, you can find money. To open the chest you just need to click on them, but you must have a path unlocked to reach the chest. To open up the pathway you need to dig around the mine walls.

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