Roblox Pet Simulator 99 – How To Redeem Merch DLC Codes

Pet Simulator 99In Roblox Pet Simulator 99, there is a new Official Pet Simulator Merch i.e. available for everyone. To enjoy the benefits and gear up your pet to look cute and resemble the Huge Pet that you have ordered; we have explained everything you might need to know in order to redeem the Merch DLC codes in this guide.

How To Redeem Merch DLC Codes In Roblox Pet Simulator 99

To redeem the codes, you will need to first navigate and find the Redemption box. For that simply follow the given instructions in-game.

  • Click on the “Pets” icon at the bottom.
  • Next, click on Exclusive Shop.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and you will find a Redeem Codes section.
  • Now, all you need to do is click on the “Redeem!” option and enter the Merch Code.

The Merch Codes are obtained after purchasing the Plushie Toys from the Big Games. The Plushie Toys are limited edition therefore, the stocks are getting depleted pretty fast so get your Lucky Block! quickly.

Inside you have a chance to get Huge Shark, Unicorn, Capybara, Fairy, Shadow Griffin, Husky, Samurai Dragon, and more! The redeemable codes will come with your own matching in-game Huge Pet! Therefore, if you want the DLC then please support the devs by purchasing the Merchs.

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