Roblox Pet Simulator 99- How To Get Castle Key & Unlock Castle

Pet Simulator 99In Roblox Pet Simulator 99, there are certain areas locked from the very beginning of the game. To unlock the areas, players gradually progress by mining and unlocking certain features i.e. found in each area. There should be a castle quite early in the game which should be locked and requires a Legendary Key to unlock it. Where can we find the Castle Key to unlock the Castle?

How To Get Castle Key And Unlock Castle In Roblox Pet Simulator 99?

To unlock the Castle i.e. present in the 3rd Area, you will be required to possess a Legendary Castle Key. The Legendary Castle Key can be obtained once you have used the Rebirth.

Rebirth is a feature that will be unlocked when you reach Area 25. If you use Rebirth, your coins and Area will reset. However, your pets will be empowered and you will obtain a Castle Key to access all the contents inside it. The items and pets will not reset, so you can breeze through the Areas pretty quickly.

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