Last Train Home – How To Trade With Merchants

Last Train Home

Last Train Home is a real-time strategy survival game where you need to manage soldiers, train, and resources. Resources is one of the important thing in this game that you need to manage carefully to keep your train running, and soldiers armed and alive. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain resources and trade with a merchant.

Last Train Home How To Trade With Merchants

To trade with merchants you need to stop the train and visit the areas and towns that come along the way. To visit these areas you can stop the train, click on the town, and deploy your squad. In these areas, you might find civilians who need your help and merchants who sell resources.

As resources are one of the most important items that you need to stockpile, there are a few ways to obtain them. You can find the resources while on a mission or by trading them with a merchant.

To stop the train you can stop hand sign at the bottom of the screen. Stop the train near a village and deploy your troops to find a merchant. Upon locating them, you can interact with them to buy or sell items. You can keep your mouse over the item to find the option to buy a single quantity or multiple.

After starting the trade you can find the resources that you can buy from the merchant. Different merchants have different resources to offer. On the left-hand side of the trading screen, you can find the items or resources available on your train that you could sell.

While trading you can find some guns to sell, these guns are not equipped by any soldiers and are extra that could be sold off to get some money if necessary. The soldiers that are part of your squad or deployed, their items won’t be shown on the trading screen. So you be rest assured not to lose equipped guns while selling them to merchants.

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