Dragon Quest Monsters the dark prince synthesis for spells & talent

Dragon Quest Monsters

In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince, you will be able to collect various types of monsters. After progressing in the game you will be able to unlock a feature called Synthesis. In this feature, you will be able to fuse two monsters and create a new one with better stats, talents, and skills.

To unlock synthesis you need to complete Endor Colosseum Category G, F, and Maulosseum Category G arena. Once you have completed the Maulosseum arena you need to visit  Rosehill tower and talk to Monty in the basement. Below you will find a brief guide on Synthesis for spells and talents.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Synthesis For Spells & Talent

In this game, you can find every monster has certain talents. You can level up these talents to unlock skills. To get powerful skills in this game, you can level up a particular talent to its maximum level. Once it reaches the max level you can find a star on its left side.

Synthesizing two monsters together reduces their talent level by 50%. If both the monsters have the same talent, they will be halved and then added together. For example, if a monster has Agility Booster I at 80 levels and another with Agility Booster I at level 40, after synthesizing then you will get the talent Agility Booster I at level 60.

If a monster has a maximum level of its talent, synthesizing it with another monster will unlock a new talent tree that can have a higher level cap of more than 100. This way you will unlock better and more powerful skills. So instead of balancing out and distributing talent points to every talent. You need to max out a particular talent first.

A monster with maxed booster talent can unlock new and better booster talent after synthesizing. For example, if you have a monster with talent HP Booster I maxed out, after synthesizing it the new offspring can have the talent HP Booster II.

After synthesizing or fusing two monsters together, you will be able to select three talents for them out of a few available. You can hover over each talent to find the skill each talent offers. Some of the talents also increase your monster stats.

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