Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince – Shiny Monsters Guide

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince is an adventure role-playing game where you befriend various monsters in the open world and use them to battle against others. If you have played the Pokemon games, you might be familiar with the word shiny.

If you haven’t, the term shiny might be new to you, and you might be wondering how to get shiny monsters. Shiny monsters are special monsters that have sparkly effects around them when synthesized

In a battle, a shiny monster will look the same as a normal monster. A shiny monster will have a single better stat than the same regular monster. Below, you will find a brief guide on how to get shiny monsters in this game.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince: How to Get Shiny or Sparkling Monsters

Synthesis is the only way to get a shiny monster in this game. You can tell a monster is shiny by looking at the portrait of the monster in the monster info menu. The portrait of the monster will have a small purple star icon on it if it’s shiny.

The chance to get a shiny after synthesis is really low, and you must be fortunate to get one. After synthesis, if you find the monster has a sparkling star effect around it, it might be a shiny monster.

The best way to grind for a shiny monster is by turning off the autosave feature in the settings. To turn off autosave, open the option setting and visit the “Other” menu. This way, you can reload the save file and try to obtain a shiny monster by synthesis multiple times. It might take you around 50+ Synthesis to get a shiny monster.

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