Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince – Change/Swap Monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince adventure role-playing game where you control a character called Psaro, the son of an underworld tyrant. Upon being cursed by the tyrant, you won’t be able to harm monsters directly.

You need to tame monsters and form a party to battle against other monsters. Below you will find how to tame a monster and change/ swap monsters in your party.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince How To Change/Swap Monsters

You will need to use the scout ability to tame a monster or add it to your party. During the battle, on the left side, you can find the scout option. Upon scouting a monster, a meter will appear on the right side of the screen that goes from 0 to 100%.

Depending on the percentage of scouting, you will be able to tame a monster or fail the scouting successfully. To increase the scout percentage, you need to have party members with high attack and intelligence. Sometimes you can capture a monster with 30% scouting, and other times you can fail with 70% scouting.

At once, you can have four members in your party ready for battle. You can keep up to eight monsters with you, and the rest will be sent to the monster depot. These eight monsters are divided into two groups, with each group having four members. One of the groups will be your active group, ready to battle. The other group is the standby group, which can be used if the active group gets defeated or wiped out in battle.

After scouting a new monster, you will get a prompt to either send it to the monster depot or replace it with a monster in your group. The replaced monster will then be sent to the monster depot. To change or swap monsters from the depot, you need to interact with Zachariah after reaching the paddock.

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