Dragon Quest Monsters Dark Prince – Starting Monster Monty Quiz

Dragon Quest Monsters Dark Prince is a bit similar to Pokemon where at the start of the game you will have to choose a partner that can accompany you in your adventure. In this game after completing the tutorial and being familiar with monsters, you will meet an NPC called Monty.

Monty will tell you all about the monsters and how to become a monster wrangler. After being cursed by your father, you will be unable to directly defeat the evil monsters with your sword. The only way to defeat the monsters is by befriending monsters and using them in battles.

Your goal is to defeat your tyrant father and obtain the title of master of monsterkind. The first step to start your journey is to choose the correct starting monster from Monty. Monty will ask you 2-3 questions and depending on your answer, he will pair you with a monster.

There are four starter monsters available to choose from. Below you will find all the quiz and their answers to choose the best starter.

Dragon Quest Monsters Dark Prince Starting Monster Quiz & Best Starter Monster

There is a total of four questions Monty will ask you, three depending on your answers, and pair you up with the starter related to your answers. These questions are:

  • Would you say you prefer lovable monsters to more rugged types?
  • Would you prefer a monster with sleek skin to one that’s on the furrier side?
  • Do you like compact monsters?
  • Do you like weird and wonderful monsters?

You need to reply to the questions answers with a simple yes or no. The four starter monsters available are:

  • Fright Bulb – Loveable & Compact (First question Yes, Second Question Yes)
  • Platypunk – Rugged & Furrier (First Question No, Second Question No)
  • Mud Mannequin – Loveable, Sleek, & Wierd ( First Question Yes, Second Question No, Third Question Yes)
  • Cruelcumber (Can be Loveable or Rugged/ Sleek / Not Compact or Wierd) – Depending on your first answer, your second answer should be the opposite and the third question will be Do you like weird and wonderful monsters? No ( For example your answer can be Yes, No, No or No, Yes, No to get this monster).

The best starter monster would be Mud Mannequin or Cruelcumber. If you like weird-looking monsters in your party, you can choose Mud Mannequin as it debuffs skills and attack power. Else if you don’t like weird-looking monsters, you can choose Cruelcumber. It can get an ability called Woosh that deals damage to all opponent monsters.

It doesn’t matter which starting monster you are going to use, because later in the game you will be able to get stronger monsters and fuse them.

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