Last Train Home How To Get More Resources & Experience

Last Train Home

Last Train Home is a survival real-time strategy game where you need to manage a group of soldiers and the resources required for them to survive. You will travel across Siberia on a locomotive train and complete various missions on the way while helping people. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get more resources and experience points.

Last Train Home How To Get More Resources & Experience

To survive the harsh civil war and help your soldiers reach their homes, you need to make strategic decisions and use your resources efficiently during wartime. If you are struggling to manage your resources, you might consider reducing the difficulty a bit from the options.

To gather resources in the game, you need to explore various areas and landscapes along the train line. During exploration, you can find bags or crates of resources that can be clicked on and your soldier will collect them. You can also obtain resources by completing missions or can buy them from the merchants.

Experience can be earned by the soldiers for completing missions. At the end of the mission, you have to select a few soldiers to hand over the medals. Handing out medals gives out more experience points to that particular soldier and they will be promoted quickly. Promoting a soldier increases the attributes, and unlocks passive and active skills.

Apart from gaining experience from missions, you can explore various landscapes and go on expeditions to areas such as forests, hunting areas, lakes, and stations to gather resources and earn experience points. These areas will require some particular traits that will be beneficial to you. So deploy units with required traits to complete the expeditions easily and earn rewards.

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