Last Train Home Guide On Soldier Exp, Attributes & Traits

Last Train Home

In Last Train Home, you have to control various soldiers and workers, inside as well as outside the train. You can find the list of workers by clicking the icon with three heads at the bottom of the screen. In the soldier overview menu, you can find every detail about your soldiers.

There are five types of attributes present for each soldier. These attributes are fitness, dexterity, intelligence, willpower, and charisma. Inside the train, there are four types of roles: worker, engineer, cook, and doctor. Below you will find a brief guide on soldier experience, attributes, traits, and how to assign roles and unlock them.

Last Train Home Guide On Soldier Exp, Attributes & Traits

Assigning a soldier to a role inside the train will automatically level up their experience. Soldiers deployed for a mission and working outside the train will gain experience after completing the mission. At the end of the mission, the whole squad will earn experience points, but you can choose to give medals to certain soldiers.

Soldiers receiving medals at the end of the mission will get more experience points and rank up quickly. Soldiers outside the battle unlock passive or active skills after being promoted. You can unlock roles for the soldiers by increasing their ranks.

To unlock a new role, select the soldier and click on the blank box below the role menu. To unlock a certain role, you will need certain attributes; these attributes can be obtained by leveling up your soldiers. For example, for a rifleman to become a cook, he requires 5 attribute points in dexterity and 5 attribute points in charisma.

After leveling up a character, you earn some attributes and role points. These points can be used to increase a particular attribute and unlock extra roles. If a soldier has two roles, such as machine gunner and grenadier, while being deployed in the battle, you can choose to select any one role for that soldier as required for the mission.

Once your level is high enough, you can have skills from two roles, such as a machine gunner who can also have grenade abilities. Before starting a mission, you can find out the potential rewards and beneficial traits required for the mission. Select the soldiers with the traits to complete the mission easily.

To assign a worker on the train, select any wagon, and you will find the option to assign workers. These workers get experience automatically and don’t get any passive or active abilities upon leveling up. Workers only increase their work efficiency upon leveling up.

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