Last Train Home Guide On Fuel Management

Last Train Home

In Last Train Home fuel is one of the scarcest resources, and you will need plenty, if not properly managed. It is the main resource on which your locomotive engine runs and the only way to your home. If you are out of fuel, you have to reload from a previous checkpoint. Below you will find a brief guide on how to manage fuel efficiently.

Last Train Home Guide On Fuel Management

Fuels can be found by exploring various towns and battle areas. Before starting a mission, you can also check the potential reward for completing it. In towns, you can also find merchants that will sell various goods and resources. If you are struggling to manage the fuel resource, you can tweak the game settings to reduce consumption.

To change the settings, open the option menu and go to difficulty settings. Under management modifiers, you will find “Fuel and Food Consumption.” Drag the slider to the left side and bring it to 50%; this way, your soldiers and engine will consume 50% less food and fuel.

You can assign a worker with a higher rank to the stoking role to increase work efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. You can also upgrade the train boiler, which decreases the speed of fuel burning by 20%. To upgrade the boiler, click on the engine, go to repairs and upgrades, and at the bottom, you can find the “Improved Boiler” icon.

Your infantry car has an upgrade called “Stove” that increases the inside temperature by 1. This will keep your soldiers and workers warm during the winter but will consume 1 fuel every 3 hours. Make sure not to upgrade this at the start of the game or if you’re struggling to manage the fuel resource.

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