Destiny 2 SOTW- How To Get Wish Keepers Exotic Bows Fast

Destiny 2In Destiny 2, the new Exotic Bow which is the Wish Keepers has been making an uproar since we learned how mesmerizing it looks and how lethal it is. Guardians have something to look forward to as the exotic is still not available at the time of writing this post. However, if you are wondering how to get the Wish Keepers and when will it be available for all players then check it below.

How To Get Wish Keepers Exotic Bows Fast In Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish?

Wish Keepers is an Exotic Bow that might be compatible and used by each class who are running various other builds. The unique perk “Snareweaver” of the Wish Keepers has stolen the show. The weapon is capable of suspending enemies in the air and dealing bonus damage to them. Quite a marvelous weapon for crowd control.

It can only be acquired by completing the Starcrossed Exotic mission which will go live on Dec 19, 2023. It is one of the most anticipated weapons but once it is released, players can dive into the server and experience it firsthand. The catalyst will require you to complete specific quests in order to be unlocked. Till then we can only speculate and debate how it will be used in specific scenarios.

The Exotic Bow, Wish Keepers perks are listed below:

Snareweaver: Precision hits and final blows build energy towards a Snareweaver arrow that can be fired from the hip. On impact, Snareweaver arrows create a pattern of traps that suspend nearby targets.

Silkbound Slayer: This weapon deals bonus damage to suspended targets. Gain faster draw time for a short duration when you suspend a target from any source or damage a suspended target with this weapon.

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