Destiny 2 SOTW- How To Get The Thorn Catalyst Fast

Destiny 2In Destiny 2 the much-awaited catalyst for the hand cannon, Thorn is now available in Season 23 Season Of The Wish. This season, the weapon has been buffed and has an overflow magazine i.e. capable of gaining 40 rounds on a Thorn with or without Catalyst i.e. pretty insane. You can’t sleep on this weapon, especially the catalyst.

How To Get The Thorn Catalyst Fast In Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish?

To get one of the overpowered Catalyst for the overpowered hand cannon Thorn, you will need to simply participate in the Gambit, Vanguard, or Crucibles playlists. The drops are RNG so, it might be quite random; however it still also depends on how many Exotics and their Catalyst you possess. For the new Season, the drop rate might have been increased because it has been ages since Thorn needed the Catalyst.

The Catalyst improves the Thorn by granting Bonus Range and Stability. It increases Weapon Range, Handling, and Mobility for a shorter duration when you deal a final blow or collect the Remnant. These bonuses are not individual, so are getting all three bonuses by delivering a single final blow or absorbing Remnant that stays on for 10 seconds.

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