Destiny 2 SOTW- How To Get Dragons Breath & Catalyst Fast

Destiny 2Players are excited when the new Exotic Solar weapon i.e. Dragon’s Breath is introduced in Destiny 2. The all-powerful grenade launcher can deal heavy impact damage and spread fire damage to the enemies i.e. ejected out from the incendiary fuel. The best part of this exotic weapon is that when it’s fuel is recharged, the next rocket will be overcharged i.e. capable of dealing 5x damage. So, how to get this exotic weapon and catalyst?

How To Get Dragon’s Breath Easily In Destiny 2?

Dragon’s Breath can be easily obtained if you have decided to purchase the Season 23: Season Of The Wish Pass. The Dragon’s Breath is rewarded at Rank 1 Premium Pass whereas if you are not interested in purchasing the Season Pass, then you can wait till your Rank reaches 35. It is doable, as the Season Pass will last till 4th June 2024.

Apart from the Season Pass, if you have missed the opportunity to grab this exotic solar launcher then do not worry as there are other means to obtain the Dragon’s Breath. However, it will require you to purchase the Lightfall DLC. Now, you will have access to the season weapons of the Year 6.

After interacting with the Monument to Lost Lights and selecting Year 6 weapons, the Dragon’s Breath will be listed. Therefore, to purchase the weapon, you will be required to collect all the required materials such as:

  • 100,000x Glimmer
  • 200x Legendary Shard
  • 1x Ascendant Shard
  • 1x Exotic Cipher

How To Get Dragon’s Breath Catalyst?

Dragon’s Breath Catalyst can be unlocked after you complete a certain quest. To obtain a quest after getting the Exotic Weapon, you will need to go to Tower and talk to the Gunsmith Banshee-44. An Old Flame questline will be added that has 3 sets of steps i.e. required to be completed in order to get the Dragon’s Breath Catalyst as a reward.

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