Destiny 2 SOTW- How To Farm New Loots & Weapons Fast

Destiny 2The Guardians of Destiny 2 have fixed their eyes on their prize from the very beginning of the new Season Of The Wish. You might be looking to start racking up Wish Engram, Gunsmith Engram, Lair Keys and reset your rank through Spirit of Riven. Everything can be achieved simultaneously though we should get ready for the grind.

How To Farm New Loots And Weapons Fast In Destiny 2

First and most importantly, you will be required to apply the Wombo Detector i.e. Tracking Ghost Mod to easily spot caches or resources within 50 meter radius. Next, travel to the Dreaming City and start looking for the chests using your Ghost.

Each chest has a chance to drop a Wish Engram, Lair Keys, or Gunsmith Engram along with a few seasonal reputations. There is Baryon Bough found on the map which has a chance to drop a Wish Engram with a gain in seasonal reputation too.

Once you travel around collecting all the chests and Baryon Bough for a minute or two, you can reset the map and start the grind again. This will get you a bunch of Engrams, and Lair Keys quite easily within no time that are ready to be consumed.

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