Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish- Location Of All 8 Hidden Chests

Destiny 2In Destiny 2, the new Season of the Wish has introduced exciting and new rewards, and to top it all off there is a way in which you can acquire certified loots from the Chamber of Wishes. The Coil Arena has a total of 4 Rounds that revolves around two restricted zone namely, Splintered Geode, and Fetid Conduit. Each restricted zone holds a hidden chest and if you are interested to learn its location then we have explained where you can find it.

Location Of All 8 Hidden Chests In The Coil At Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish

Each Round has two pathways in The Coil and each pathway will lead you to a certain door that holds hidden chests. Therefore, there are a total of 8 hidden chests in 4 locations. To find these hidden chests, you will need to first accumulate enough points or score to open their doors. Instead of activating the plates and portal to rush out, explore and search around to uncover the secret doors which we have explained below. It is recommended to apply the Wombo Detector (Tracking Ghost Mod)

Round 1
Splintered Geode

Once you enter the Splintered Geode and activate both the plates which will be close to each other, you can proceed ahead to reach the final plate. On the path from the second to the third plate, you should look over carefully where the lights are placed i.e. lighting up the area.

Or referring from the third plate to where the portal is opened, check on the left side where the light is placed to illuminate the area. Near the edge, you will find a small crack to enter and reach the door.

Fetid Conduit

After entering the Fetid Conduit, activate the first two plates. From the second plate, you will notice a cliff ahead that can be crossed by jumping on the platforms sticking out of the wall. On the left side next to the platform, there is a small opening where you will find the hidden chest placed behind the door.

Round 2
Fetid Conduit

Once you reach and activate the second plate, instead of going forward toward the third plate; take a diversion to the left by jumping over to the succession of two secular platforms. The narrow passage will be visible from the wall where you can locate the door that holds the hidden chest.

Splintered Geode

Before activating the second plate, there will be a light plate where you can remove the Pervading Darkness buildup. From the light plate, instead of moving forward or going backward from where you came from; there will be a small narrow passage next to the pot. Enter the narrow passage where the door will be revealed that needs to be opened in order to get the hidden chest.

Round 3
Splintered Geode

As you enter the zone and advance, instead of going forward, take a right turn and jump on the suspended platform behind the wall mechanism that extends and contracts the blade periodically. From there jump on to the farthest corner where you can notice a pot on an extended platform where the hidden chest is located.

Fetid Conduit

Activate two plates in the first chamber and make your way across to the second chamber where the third and final plate is found. On the opposite side of the final plate, there would be a path that leads you out of the portal. Instead of going towards the portal, look below the pathway on the right side of the dead end where the hidden chest can be found.

Round 4
Splintered Geode

Similar to where you found the hidden chest in Round 2 Splintered Geode.

Fetid Conduit

Similar to where you found the hidden chest in Round 2 Fetid Conduit.

Once you collect all 8 hidden chests and achieve a platinum rating, you will be allowed to gain platinum rewards inside the Chamber of Wishes. For more informative guides on Destiny 2, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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