Last Train Home Live To Fight Another Day Prevent Ringing Bell

Last Train Home

The Last Train Home is a real-time strategy game where you need to take control of a group of soldiers and find a way home. Each soldier has their own specialty such as sniper, machine gunner, medic, and grenadier. You need to use these soldiers to get past enemies.

One of the quests you will get in the game is called “Live To Fight Another Day”. During the quest, you need to stop enemies from ringing the bell and calling reinforcement. Below you will find a brief guide on how to stop the enemies from ringing the alarm.

Last Train Home Live To Fight Another Day Kill All Enemies & Destroy Car Roadblock

In the quest Live to Fight Another Day, you need to get past the enemies, prevent them from ringing the bell, and get past the roadblock. Getting past the roadblock can be very difficult as there will be a swarm of enemies with machine guns and cars.

To stop the enemies from ringing the bell, place one machine gunner near the gate of the cemetery and the other one watching the bell as shown in the image above. Make sure you are in silent mode to not alert the enemy before taking position. If the enemy successfully manages to ring the bell, the backup will arrive which will be hard to deal with.

Once your soldiers are in position remove the silent mode and kill all the enemies. The machine gunner watching the bell can kill three enemies, while the other soldier watching the cemetery can kill one soldier.

After all the enemies are dead near the bell, you need to advance a bit from the bell side with your other soldier to find a group of enemies on the right side. You need to lure those enemies toward your machine gunner who has already taken position watching the bell. You can use any soldier to lure the enemies but make sure they come inside the focus fire of the machine gun.

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