Last Train Home How To Save Game

Last Train Home

Last Train Home is a real-time strategy crew management game where you need to control a group of soldiers and make them progress through different landscapes to reach home. There is civil unrest in Siberia between Russia’s Red and White Armies.

These groups of soldiers are specialized in different battle classes. There are classes like grenadier, medic, machine gunner, and sniper. The group of soldiers travels on the train, crossing different towns and completing quests to reach home.

When you press the Esc button to open the menu, you can find two options to save the game. One is to save and quit to the main menu and the other one is to save and quit to the desktop. This menu has no option to make a quick save before the battle. Below you will find a brief guide on how to quickly save in this game with a shortcut key.

Last Train Home How To Save Game

To save the game at any moment without quitting the game or exiting to main menu, you need to press the “F5” button. This is the shortcut key to quick save. You can also click on the save icon on the right side of the screen.

You can find the icon with a note and pen sign. After quick save, you can open the menu by pressing the Esc key and clicking on the load option to reload the save file. Once the game is saved, you can open the load menu by pressing the Esc key.

There you will find all the auto saves and manual save files that you can reload. You can save the game before engaging in a battle as you can use the shortcut quick save option during the battle.

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