Last Train Home How To Kill All Enemies Destroy Car In Roadblock

Last Train Home

In Last Train Home, one of the quests called “Live To Fight Another Day”, you will find a roadblock with enemies, cars, and machine guns. It’s quite difficult to get near the roadblock with your soldiers as they will be gunned down by the machine gun quite quickly. Below you will find a brief guide on how to destroy cars and machine guns.

Note: Make a quick save before engaging in the battle.

Last Train Home How To Kill All Enemies Destroy Car In Roadblock

In the roadblock, the moment your soldier gets in the range of an enemy machine gun, they will be gunned down. You need to destroy the machine guns and cars strategically. First, you need to place the grenadier as shown in the image above, and kill the two enemies.

After the enemies are killed, one of the cars will be suspicious and will come to investigate. You need to be quick enough to throw the grenade and destroy one of the cars. If there is a delay in throwing the grenade, the car will turn and go back to its original position.

Once the car is destroyed place your grenadier as shown in the image above, behind the cover. Throw two grenades in quick succession on both sides using two grenadiers. Make sure you destroy the cars and machine guns, or else you won’t be able to get past the blockade.

Once the cars and machine guns are destroyed, you can use the machine gunners to kill the remaining soldiers. Although there won’t be many enemies left after you have rained them with grenades.

If you are not able to destroy the cars and machine guns with the grenades, you can increase the damage dealt to enemies. To increase the damage dealt, you need to visit the game setting difficulty menu. There you will find the option below mission modifiers as damage received from enemies and damage dealt to enemies. Increase damage dealt to 150% and receive to 50% to pass through the blockade.

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