Last Train Home How To Heal Soldiers & Civilians

Last Train Home

Last Train Home is a real-time strategic game developed by Ashborne Games. Control a group of specialist soldiers and find the way home. During your journey to get out of the civil war and get home, you will have to cross various landscapes.

You will also encounter various enemies that you need to defeat. During the battle, your soldiers might get injured or you might encounter some injured civilians. Below you will find a brief guide on how to heal soldiers and civilians.

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Last Train Home How To Heal Soldiers & Civilians

To heal soldiers in this game you need a medic specialist in your team. At the bottom of the screen, you find your troops and their specialization. Medic will have a “+” sign on their portrait. To heal in the game, click on the medic and select the “Heal” option at the bottom right corner of the screen.

While exploring the area, you will occasionally find some injured civilians. Helping and healing those civilians will reward you with items and information on the patrols. You can heal the civilians in a similar manner by choosing the medic heal option.

During the battle once your soldier runs out of health, they will go into a downed state. In this state, you can find a skull sign on top of them with a timer. Once the timer runs down, your soldier will be dead. Medics can also revive a downed soldier by using the healing option.

To heal an injured soldier, the medic will require a medical kit. These kits can be found by exploring various areas or from NPC. You can also find a healing station while exploring different areas. Injured soldiers can interact with the healing station to get healed.

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