Fae Farm- Where To Find Mysterious Portal

Fae FarmTaking Flight Questline in the Fae Farm has a task that requires you to find the Mysterious Portal. Wisp Mother has declared that the Mysterious Portal is a gateway between your world and the Fae Realm. The current location of the Mysterious Portal is unknown as Wisp Mother could not pinpoint it due to the change in terrains and flora therefore, you are tasked to find it. So, if you need an assist to find the Mysterious Portal then read it below for its location.

Where To Find The Mysterious Portal In Fae Farm?

The Mysterious Portal is located in the depths of the Spooky Woods near the waterfall. If you enter the Spooky Woods and immediately approach a diversion, take the right path which will lead you to an end near the waterfall. Double Jump and make your way across to the final platform where you will find the Mysterious Portal.

Once you have discovered the Mysterious Portal, return to Wisp Mother for the rewards and complete the quest line. For more informative guides on Fae Farm, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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